Why Rat #42?

The concept for this peculiar web presence came about in the fall of 2018 when two seemingly unrelated publications/events made their way through the haze of social media to my awareness.

The first was an article (whether authentic or fabricated I never bothered to ascertain) by Anjali Bisaria describing the "world's most annoying, most badass [lab] rat" actively upsetting Harvard scientists: Rat #42. 


The second was the keynote oration, or ‘The Hitch’ as it is now called, delivered by English actor, author, comedian, and good friend of the late Christopher Hitchens (the for whom the keynote is affectionately named), Stephen Fry, at the 2018 Festival of Dangerous Ideas, during which he pronounced the death of classical liberalism and its relegation to the status of "irrelevant bystander" as the political left and right continue to use social media to wage a culture war across the planet.


The idea of a lab rat smugly defying behavioral norms struck a chord in me, as did Fry's “handwringing, cardigany" perspective on the state of the public discourse, and I found myself grabbing up the domain name and starting to write.

My Philosophy/Blog Agenda

The Rat #42 philosophy is something akin to cheekily looking for universality and uniqueness in our shared experiences on this planet while defying as many traditional norms as possible along the way.  My blog postings are meant to be the informed thoughts, observations, and reactions of a still relatively doe-eyed, anti-authoritarian trying to make sense of this big, beautiful, scary, awful, threatening, hopeful, awe-inspiring, heartbreaking world, and the living things within it.  Do with them what you will.

My Photo Gallery

These are photographs from my modest travels, walks around my neighborhood, and anything else that caught my eye that I thought might be worth posting here and was in keeping with the Rat #42 philosophy. Some are more universal than unique, but then there's the challenge, right?

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